Contest period week no 583-606         (23rd Feb 9th Aug 2013)

Eligibility Criteria* :

Independent Distributer- 2500 pv in each Org(50 pair)

Executive 3750 pv in each Org. (75 Pair)

Silver Executive - 5000 pv in each Org.(100 Pair)

Pearl Executive - 7500 pv in each Org. (150 Pair)

Emerald Executive - 10,000 pv in each Org. (200 Pair)

Gold Executive - 15,000 pv in each Org. (300 Pair)

Platinum Executive - 20,000 pv in each Org. (400 Pair)

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After the huge success of winningedge team IBG North proudly presents winningedge season - 2
  • All top 10 Rank Holders From Independent distributor to Gold will get a chance to fly Malasiya.
  • All top 5 rank holders in platinum distributor category will get a chance to fly Malasiya.
  • All contest winners in each category will get an unforgatable recognition at winningedge to grand finale.

     Photograph of ours previous contest winners



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